Simon is Seven!!

Happy Birthday to my boy Simon!  I can’t believe he is SEVEN years old today.  We have celebrated with tuna for breakfast and some fresh catnip off the new plants.  He seems to be having a great day.

What’s Going On…

This week has been filled with adding a few finishing touches to the back yard. I’m done.  Or at least the hubs has forbidden me any more trips to Lowe’s, so I’d better be done!  Still lots of weeding and trimming to do but no more new planting.

In Book News…

I finally finished the novel I started at the end of last week and I’m moving on.  I’ve also downloaded another audio book.  A friend recommend I go back and read the Robert Golbraith novels (J.K. Rowling) and I’ve decided to do the audio version.  Cuckoos Calling is the first book of the three and I started it last night.  Too early for any opinion but the narrator seems good so that’s always a plus.

Sassy Scoop

Here’s the scoop on June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore.  I have NO idea why it seemed to take me forever to get through this book!  It really was good, maybe it was purely my lack of focus all week.  Anyway, I liked it overall.  Some of it was great – some of it didn’t work so much for me.  I have no patience with sci-fi/fantasy and this tripped into that territory a little.

The book is about a woman named Cassie and her recently deceased Grandmother, June.  The narration takes us between the years 1955 and 2015 – in the months of June.  Cassie has inherited and moved into her Grandmothers home,  Two Oaks, which is a full on old timey mansion. Two Oaks also serves as a character in the novel.

Cassie comes to some startling revelations about her Grandmother via an odd and unexpected inheritance.  Whittemore does a great job of breathing life the characters and smoothly transitions the reader between past and present day.  Overall a purely fictional novel that would appeal to lovers of the historical fiction genera as the novel seeks to uncover the lives and secrets of (fake) celebrity characters.

This weekend is supposed to be a monsoon so I’ll be holed up inside.  No biggie!  No real plans formed for next week either.  Hopefully it’s an easy week.

Enjoy your weekend!




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