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What’s Going On…

Fatty Fatty 2×4…Yep…that’s me.  The struggle is real folks and it looks like I’m finally admitting that I need to get serious about this weight loss thing…again.  I did pretty well a few years ago dropping a fair amount of weight and I was pretty happy about it.  And it’s been all back up hill since then.

Logging food sucks.  It just does.  As easy as some of the technology makes it – it still sucks. Partly because you realize calories are like money and they don’t go very far.  But ignorance has not been bliss so I’m reluctantly logging my food again.

I’m hooked back up on My Fitness Pal and I’m really, really contemplating getting a fitness tracker.  I love a new Garmin that’s hitting stores at the end of June.  I’m starting to walk some around the hood. The war on the fridge has begun. Maybe some of it will stick and I’ll have good things to report in the coming weeks.



Simon and I took a nice but hot stroll today.  He loves to go out in that stroller and I’m so happy I bought it last fall.  We didn’t get to use it much before it got cold but now that it’s warm (and not raining!!) I’m hoping to build up some good distance with him tagging along.  He’s good company.  Today he just stretched out and napped.





Though it’s hot out we are all glad the rain has stopped.   I hear some more might be on the way for the weekend.  We’ll cross our fingers that it stays away.  Lexie is very glad to have the sunshine back and she’s making sure to enjoy every drop of sunshine she can get.


I’m off to do some reading, maybe some weeding once the sun sets a little.

Happy Wednesday!


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