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What’s Going On…

It’s hard to believe another week has gone by.  Yesterday I went and had all my long(ish) hair cut!  Yeah for summer short hair!

I’ve been keeping up with the garden and potted plants.  Now that we’re into some real summer heat things need a reliable watering schedule.  I have little flower buds on two of my tomato plants and on the zucchini.  One of my favorite things from the garden is fresh zucchini.   I’ve never had great luck with bell peppers so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this year.  The herbs are all loving the hot and steamy weather.


Basil Plant


Lovely purple latana


The back yard mini-garden


Summer Lily

In Book News…

Sassy Scoop

Today I’m still reading Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger.  I’m about 3/4 finished and I like it.  I like just about anything by Lisa Unger.  Even though this one ventures into that supernatural side of things, from her I can get through it.

Last week I finished up The Fall Out by Tamar Cohen.  It was a pretty casual and easy read.  I would classify it as chick-it but it wasn’t a gushy romance book.  The Fall Out was about two couples that are very close friends and one of them is going through a divorce.  It explores the inevitability of choosing sides in arguments, meeting the “other woman” and all the messy goings on.  It had a bit of a mystery twist that I really liked.  You were a little unsure about how you felt about each of the characters often changing if someone was a “bad guy” or a “good guy”.  Overall a fun read.

Last week I also read Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica.  A good one!  This one has gotten a lot of buzz in the book world and it’s no wonder why.  Just released on June 2, this one should definitely find a spot on your summer reading list.  About a two college age room mates, Esther and Quinn. Esther goes missing and Quinn is frantic to find what happened to her friend.  Quinn ends up uncovering all sorts of things about Esther that makes her rethink her friend.  To avoid spoiling any part of this book I’m just going to say it’s kinda creepy, mysterious and a super plot line laid out by Kubica.  You really don’t see this one coming a mile away and I LOVE that!!!

Have a Fab weekend!!


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