One Down… 3

What’s Going On…

One week down…three more to go.  I’ve been in my aircast for a week (tomorrow) and I am counting the DAYS until I can be rid of it and my walker/crutches.  I’m investigating the possibility of getting a treadmill.  I wanted one awhile back, but you know, who has an extra thousand bucks laying around.  So to the back burner that idea went.  Nothing like a stress fracture to make you revisit a treadmill.  The hubs will need some sweet talking.


My nursing staff is lacking.  It’s really too bad I can’t train them to pour me a soda and bring it to me.  They have all be thoroughly put out by my handicap status.

It’s hot this week here and it’s one reason I’m kind of glad to be stuck in the house….that’s the only reason though.  Netflix and I are becoming intimately acquainted.

My garden is at that stage where everything is flowering and it’s exciting to make daily trips out to see what little veggies are popping up.  I miss being able to get out there – I’m depending on the hubs to keep it going.

In Book News…

I’m half way through The Drowning Girls by Paula Treick DeBoard.  So far it’s a fast mover and I really like it.  This will be my 34th book this year out of my goal of 50.  I’m excited I will actually reach the goal this year – fingers crossed!

Hope you are all enjoying your week! Stay Cool!


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3 thoughts on “One Down…

  • Lynn @ Smoke & Mirrors

    Oh, so sorry to hear you have a stress fracture! Yuck! I love the looks of your “nursing staff”! My husband underwent surgery several weeks ago and one of our indoor kitties was his constant companion whenever he was lying in bed! We called her his “nurse”! 🙂 The Drowning Girls looks a bit too creepy for me. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Patty

    That cast has got to be irritating…especially in this heat. I love my treadmill…when I am bored I do 3 ten minute intervals a day…it’s less boring.