Where the Hell Have YOU Been?? 2

What’s Going On…

I ended up giving myself a little vacation.  More out of necessity than out of desire.  The hubby spent three weeks away on business travel (home on weekends) and that’s never fun. I decided to live for a bit by the wisdom of  if you don’t have anything nice to say – shut up.

I can’t begin tell you how being incapacitated has affected me!  I didn’t want to come on the blog and whine about it, so I just kinda took a step back.  I did read a little but not too much.  It’s funny how your mood can color everything you do.  I was not in a mindset to enjoy what I was reading…or to review anything with any insight.

BUT…now I’m back and I’m feeling better about things.  I am still supposed to be hobbling around but I just REALLY couldn’t take it anymore.   I’ve become a totally non compliant patient.  I’ve kissed the crutches and wheelie walker goodbye but I’m still wearing the aircast out of the house.  I’m also still trying to take it kind of easy but I just couldn’t do it anymore – leg pain be damned.

Krispy Kreme

No one can stay crabby when there are hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme


Simon is supervising the blogging










It has been incredibly hot here!  Today before noon, the heat index is already 102*.  It doesn’t truly matter because I’m not out walking or gardening anyway.  I guess that’s a small blessing.

While dinner was in the oven last night I went and sat on the porch during a nice little rainstorm.  I love summer storms.



In Book News…

I had big goals for reading while the hubs was out of town – I really let the ball drop there.  I decided that this is a fun hobby and there is no reason to make work out of it.  A nice little break was what I need.

I did manage to start and finish The Drowning Girls by Paula Treick DeBoard.  And I’ve just started All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda.  Three chapters in and I can tell you that I am hooked!  I have a few house chores to get done and then my whole afternoon is going to be consumed by this book.

Stay cool and have a lovely afternoon!


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2 thoughts on “Where the Hell Have YOU Been??

  • Lynn @ Smoke & Mirrors

    At least it sounds as if you are healing well! That is a good thing! There are times when we all need a break! 🙂 My last residence was a house with a huge covered porch and I loved sitting out on it and watching/listening to summer storms! You are definitely where it is HOT! Yikes! Looks like a “girls” theme in your reading! Sure hope you enjoyed your afternoon!