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What’s Going On…

This week my sweet little Simon has turned into his monstrous alternative identity.  He is making us crazy!!  I’ve mentioned before that Simon is truly a hyper-vocal cat and he takes medication.  Some days his meds seem more effective than others.  So we’ve started the process of increasing his dosage for awhile until he settles himself back down.  In the mean time, we listen to him caterwaul incessantly.

Simon Simon

We’ve been spending time outside.  Yes, it’s way too damn hot for this – but Simon loves it and I’m willing to sweat it out to get some silence.  Outside is truly his happy place and I feel bad that the stroller rides have come to a stop until I’m up to it again.

On another note, my garden is starting to look good.  I’ve lost the zucchini plants – damn vine borers. But I think the tomatoes are thriving in spite of the neglect.  It won’t be long before I can harvest some of these!!  I’m also in the middle of having to do some major weeding in the herb patch.  No photos of how truly bad it’s looking right now just trust me – I’m not sure how those plants are surviving!

tomato tomato

I think everyone is waiting out the serous heat we’ve been having.  We’ve had heat index of close to or over 100 for days and it’s not going to get any better in the next few days.  So to keep it cool in the house we are being careful of what time we do laundry and what we cook for dinner.  Bring on the cool fall weather!

In Book News…

I received an email with a cool little tidbit the other day.  MIRA, which is an imprint of Harlequin Books, is getting it’s own imprint!  The new imprint will be Park Row Books.  Mary Kubica and Heather Gudenkauf are two notable authors to call Park Row Books their new publishing home.

As for me, I finished Orchids and Stone by Lisa Preston.  It was a 2.5 star read for me – okay but I wasn’t in love by any means.  The story was good enough that I wanted to read to the end but the writing felt clunky and repetitive.  It was good enough, but not one I can truly recommend.

Next up I’m diving into The House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner.  This just published on 7-12-2016 and it’s getting a lot of buzz.  It’s a beast at over 400 pages so I’m going to take my time reading it.

I recently wrote up my review for Ink and Bone – so here are my thoughts on that one.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Sweet Sounds Of HomeInk and Bone by Lisa Unger
Published by Touchstone on June 7th 2016
Pages: 352
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Paranormal, Psy-Fi and Fantasy novels are not my genres. I usually avoid them completely. Lisa Unger is my exception to this rule. She delivers a powerful and captivating novel that will turn any reader into an instant fan.
Finley Montgomery has a gift, though it’s one she’s not sure she wants the burden of. Finley sees the ghosts and hears the whispers of those who have long passed on. Her grandmother, Eloise, is a famed psychic having helped police in numerous investigations. It seems Finley, like it or not, is destined to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps.

Set in The Hollows, New York, a small town with a serious creepy factor; Finley is reluctantly involved in helping to solve the case of Abbey Gleason. While out hiking on the family vacation, the little girl is taken by men who shot and left for dead her brother and father.

Finley works on tapping into her skills and trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Abbey but she’s afraid her inexperience will be more of a hindrance than a help. Can the police find Abbey or will her disappearance remain a mystery…like all the others.

Ink and Bone treats it’s reader to a unique cast of characters that are dark and complex. Exceptionally written, Ink and Bone is sure to be loved by a wide range of readers. Lisa Unger is a fantastic novelist and anyone who passes her by is doing themselves a true injustice.


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