Mundane Mid-Week

What’s Going On…

Happy August!!  Hopefully the change of the calendar page signals the approach of cooler, crisp weather.

This past week or so has been kind of a black hole.  I’ve read nearly nothing and reviewed even less.  I’ve done no house work either.  Honestly, I can’t really give any account at all as to how I’ve spent the past few days.  I blame the new cable.

I’m all caught up on Food Network – OMG Food Network Star…I am just dumbfounded  about them not picking Damiano!  I LOVED him!!!  I’m not impressed with Tregaye.

Speaking of not impressed…it seems like the Orioles season went straight into the toilet as soon as we started watching.   They’ve really just been whooped a few good times.



I went out for a slow mile and a half walk the other day.  Testing the waters from my down time and I’m sorry to say that my leg was sore the whole next day.  Not bad – but it was not feeling great.  The good news is that it’s feeling better today.  Guess I’m pushing it just a bit.







I got a tiny harvest off the veggie plants.  They are enjoying the heat and rain.  The plant have all just really exploded and look great.  The large brandy wine tomatoes will be ready before we know it  I’m so excited over my purple peppers!!! So cute.






We have a wedding to go to this weekend!  So excited!!  Not that I just love going to weddings – they are expensive and time consuming.  However, I’m very happy for the groom.  I was his babysitter – the family is friends of ours.  His little sister was married a couple of years back and it was just so nice to see them all grown up and happy.  Hopefully Saturday will be a lovely day for them.

I’m trying to kick myself into some sort of gear.  I think some of my sluggishness is due to the fact that I possibly have tonsillitis.  Not fun.  I haven’t had it in quite awhile but I struggled with it several times over a few months a few years ago.  It seems to be making a resurgence.  Hopefully it will just go away!

I’m excited for the Olympics to start this weekend!  I love the summer Olympics!  I have to get the t.v. schedule and figure out when the events I want to watch will be shown.   I’m thinking it will be another less than productive week.

Have a good one!


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