Eat.. Read.. Watch..

What’s Going On…

I have been binge eating chocolate as promised! And while watching the Olympics I’ve been sure to properly carbo-load before all the big events 🙂

The heat has returned to the area so we are relegated back to indoors.  Hoping to take Simon out for a walk this evening.  He loves to ride and he’s just so cute in his stroller.  We are often stopped by passers by that think he’s adorable.

This weekend I’ve got my sights set on pizza from Jets.  LOVE!!!  I’ve been trying to be “good” and do this whole weight loss thing.  I’ve lost the same three pounds I think five times.  So of course, pizza is the solution.  Whatever because it’s damn good pizza and I’ll be in a food coma.


In Book News…

Omg I know, I know…where are the reviews?!  Sadly, they are all stuck in my head.  I did get one wrapped up today.  My Girl from Jack Jordan – I’ll save you the time on this one.  It’s short and fast so that was a plus.  The story line was great but it was definitely a flawed delivery.  The writing was pretty good – but it felt like half of a book.  I wanted more of it, which is never a bad thing I suppose.  I felt this novel had such potential to be great!  But the characters needed development and the story needed some more depth.  All in all it’s a quick day on the beach read and not much more.

I’ve moved onto to this book mail sent to me by Penguin Random House.  So far it’s living up to all the hype.  REALLY well written and the story is interesting.

Behold The Dreamers

Have a fab weekend!


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