Monthly Archives: September 2016

Day of FUN!

What’s Going On… The first signs of autumn are peeking through and they are very welcome.  Though I really think Springtime is my favorite season – I always enjoy the things that fall brings.  Well, most things. This is pumpkin season and it kinda makes me nuts.  Pumpkin flavored and scented […]

Fitbit Charge 2

Feeling Sassy…

What’s Going On… The past week (or so) has brought in some changes – hopefully all for the better!   First is the fish files update.  I’ve now put Cod on the list of fish I actually like! For my first attempt I did a Parmesan crust and it was […]

Busy Bee

What’s Going On… When asked “what’s up with you” my response is usually “not much.”  On a day to day basis it’s usually the truth.  But this week has been full – and will be for several more days. First things first is I’m trying to learn to love fish. […]

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