Ready…Set…Fall 1

What’s Going On…

I hope everyone has recovered from the last “real” weekend of summer.  It’s time for us Southern gals to pack up our white shoes!  It’s still warm here, for now, but we are getting some cooler nights and a few fall-ish days are in the forecast.  Honestly, before we know it we’ll be looking at snow.

This past week brought tropical storm Hermine through. Our power only went off for a few hours and we didn’t have any real wind damage to speak of – just the typical yard clean up.  September and October are when we are most likely to see hurricanes, so I’ll be watching my favorite weather man Bernie Rayno on Accuweather closely.

I attempted to make a Key Lime pie last week.  It wasn’t that good.  I’m a total Key Lime pie snob!!  We each ate a small piece and decided it wasn’t worth it so it got trashed.  This was my second pie in as many weeks to end up in the garbage.  My Lemon Meringue pie sadly had the same fate.  I did, however, manage to make some really good lemon poppy seed muffins so not all was lost.  I’m hanging up my pie hat for awhile though.

The most exciting news these days is I’m finally seeing some progress in the weight loss department.  About 5 pounds.  Not enough to really send up the fireworks in celebration over but it’s something.  I’m learning to be happy with even a little bit of progress.  It’s so easy to say it’s not good enough and be critical.

On that note, I’ve finally joined the club and bought a Fit Bit.  I pre-ordered the new Flex 2 and it will be here sometime late September to early October.  I’ve struggled with the choice of laying out the cash for one for a long time.  I know that a piece of rubber on my wrist is not going to magically make me lose weight.  But I think the motivation of earning badges and reaching some small daily goals will be a good thing for me.  I was looking at a Garmin for a long time (and I still think they may be a better product) but the fit bit is the right price for me and the social integration is better.  I need cheerleaders!!

In Book News…

I’m on the last 50 pages of Field of Graves by J.T. Ellison.  This is the second novel I’ve read of hers and I really have liked both of them.  Field of Graves is #6 in a series but I feel like Ellison does a better job than many at making her books work well as stand alone novels.  You never feel out of the loop.

I also received book mail!!  That just never gets old!  I was happy to get this lovely new one and will be starting it later today.


Get out and enjoy the last bits of summer!!


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