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What’s Going On…

When asked “what’s up with you” my response is usually “not much.”  On a day to day basis it’s usually the truth.  But this week has been full – and will be for several more days.

First things first is I’m trying to learn to love fish.  I’m not a fish lover and the limitations of what I’ll actually eat prohibits me from being a proclaimed seafood lover.  I’m picky.  You’d think that wouldn’t be the case. Picky eaters “should” be skinny – they don’t eat much right?  Well, you’d be wrong.  We chunky gals can also be picky eaters.

Salmon FishI have set myself a goal of finding ONE fish that I can eat and cook ONE meal a week.  Now here is the odd ball part – I really like rare tuna.  I know – tuna and especially rare tuna is not something a fish hater should eat..  But canned tuna, and fully cooked tuna steak? Gross.

This week was Mahi Mahi.  I cooked it.  I ate it.  The hubs who is a fish lover (see how I make that sound like a bad thing?) said it was good.  I ate it and that’s about all I can say about it.  I have some cod fillets that I may try.  Any suggestions on fish and easy recipes are welcome!

On another front this week the hubs is on vacation from work.  Which means it’s time to install the new air conditioning system.  It really sucks way more for him than it does me…it’s hot in the house but I’m not the one sweating my ass off in the nasty attic.  So I bring him Coke Zero and Ice water.  I listen to him think out loud.   I’m lucky to have such a capable and handy guy.

Vision Test

Tomorrows fun-ness is getting my yearly eye exam and new contact prescription.  I was not blessed with  great eyes.  I, apparently, have a funky eyes.  I wear a steep base curve and a lot of makers don’t offer my corrective power in my base curve.  I have pretty limited options and I’m hoping we can find something that works.




That’s kind of it – thank god – for at least a little bit.  After his vacation there is some possible work travel for Bill.  I have a stack of books and a list of reviews to work through so I have plenty to keep me busy.

PLUS…next week is my favorite holiday!!!  It’s Grey’s Anatomy season premiere on Sept 22.  And yes – this is a holiday.  There will be wine and pizza and cheesecake.

In Book News…

I received lots of book mail this past week!!  Sadly, one from MIRA that I really didn’t love.  Hit up my good review for the full rundown but in a nutshell when you graphically describe little creepy boys torturing animals then I’m out.  No love from me for Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra.

But my newspaper editor friend sent me a glorious box of many goodies!  Like I said – I have plenty to keep me busy!!

Book Mail

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