Feeling Sassy…

What’s Going On…

The past week (or so) has brought in some changes – hopefully all for the better!

Cod Fish


First is the fish files update.  I’ve now put Cod on the list of fish I actually like! For my first attempt I did a Parmesan crust and it was delicious.   I also made some flounder the other day and it was pretty decent.  I think some more experimentation is needed with that one.  I’m actually looking forward to trying out some more and finding new ways to cook.  I’ve been recommended halibut so I think that will be my next venture.



Fitbit Charge 2I also FINALLY got my Fitbit today!  The hubs remains doubtful that these things actually help. I too recognize that many a chunky person walks around with a fitness device of some kind.  I’m being hopeful!  I’m looking forward to making Fitbit friends and joining some groups such as Fit Readers.  Here is my new Charge 2 and I really love it.  It’s only been about 2 hours but for now, I’m psyched!

My visit last week with the eye doctor was good and bad.  Good because my vision actually didn’t get any worse.  Bad because I’ve developed an astigmatism and now need toric lenses.  I’m not used to being fussy with my contacts – both eyes were always the same.  Now I have to keep track of pesky details like right and left.  Also, these lenses have a right side up!  It’s taken some getting used to for sure.

My Charge 2 has just reminded me to get off my lazy ass – TIME TO MOVE!! it says.  The hubs has nicknamed this feature the Snack Reminder.

Enjoy your week!



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