Day of FUN!

Autumn Leaves

What’s Going On…

The first signs of autumn are peeking through and they are very welcome.  Though I really think Springtime is my favorite season – I always enjoy the things that fall brings.  Well, most things. This is pumpkin season and it kinda makes me nuts.  Pumpkin flavored and scented everything! There is no end to the pumpkin.

Fit Readers

I’m psyched to post my first  Fit Readers check in!!  I’m quite proud of my week.  I know I will only get better and soon I’ll be posting my 5K check ins.  For now here’s my weekly steps:

This past week (Tuesday – Saturday) I logged 32,739 steps.  If you want to link up on Fitbit then check out my Fitbit profile – I’d love to have  friends!





bbqOther goings on this week were fun things!

Thursday was the Grey’s Anatomy premiere and I ate myself into a food coma with Jets Pizza.  LOVE!!!

On Saturdays we celebrated Super Wife Day.  The hubs declared a day full of fun things.  This was a “just because”  I’m the best wife evahhh!!  Actually it’s because I got his butt out of Buffalo last week when his flights got all jacked up.  This is a frequent thing but luckily he got home!

Saturday (Super Wife Day) started off with the rib and beer festival.  It’s something held annually in September and it’s always a good time. What’s not to love about barbecue and beer?

The day ended with some shopping at Lush.  I’ve grown to really love their stuff.  It’s expensive though so it’s a treat to go shopping in there.  I got the Refresh shower jelly – I currently have the Whoosh and I totally love that stuff.  I also purchased some bath bombs.  I’ve never wanted to lay out the cash for those before but – ya know, best wife and all…so I picked four.  They are heavenly!!!


There are no bookish things to report from this past week.  Shameful!  But I kept myself pretty busy all week.  I’ll have to do better.

Hope you have a great week!


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