A Birthday, A Bed and A Concert! 1

What’s Going On…

Whew it’s been a week!  Hubs is home this week after spending the last two on the road.  New York and Florida – he’s suffering from weather whiplash!!

Speaking of weather….yep we’re shaking in our boots watching Matthew.  We get lots of false alarms living on the coast about weather systems.  Most of the time it’s just the weathermen getting overzealous.  We watch the Navy.  When they Navy starts sending the ships out of port then you know it’s time to panic.  Wednesday may be some storm shopping -we’ll wait and see.

We’ve got a Birthday Girl!!  Lexie Jane is 8 years old today.  I just can’t believe that.  This little girl knew she was the princess from day one.  She is prissy and demanding and we love her for it.

We got a new bed!  Well, sort of.  After many months of mornings where the hubby and I feel like we’ve been hit by a bus – we have been looking at new beds.  Ours is over 10 years old and while we loved it, it’s just not comfy anymore.  We decided to venture into the world of memory foam.  I’ve read that so many people love them, however my big fear is that many people also say they are hot.  The LAST thing I need at night is more hot.  So we compromised and got a mattress topper from Lucid  to test the waters.  Right now it is “fluffing” on my living room floor.  We can start using it Wednesday.

Garth BrooksBig news!!  We scored some (I hope) great seats to see Garth Brooks in Richmond, Va. I’m completely excited!!  His tickets sell out so fast and buying them was stressful.  We ended up with seats for the Sunday 3pm show and we didn’t even know there was a 3pm show.  Garth Brooks tickets are kind of one of those things where you get what you get and you don’t get upset.  I love Garth and the hubby says he will pretend to for the afternoon.

In Book News…

Sad to say not much going on in the book department.  I’ve just been sort of in a slump. Maybe too much else going on?  I also have the feeling that soon the weather will change so I want to be out while it’s nice.  More reading when the weather is cold and we are locked indoors.

I did finish Harmony and I’m still pondering how I feel about it.  I started A Lion in the Living Room.  I’m only 3 chapters in but I like it.  It’s sort of like if you had a conversation with Dr. Spencer Reid about cats.  It’s full of odds and ends history and trivia.

harmony lioninthelivingroom

I’ve decided to move my FitReader Check in to Fridays.  I think most people post this on Fridays and then it won’t collide with It’s Monday What Are You Reading.

Enjoy the week!!


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