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What’s Going On…

I know you have all missed me terribly and are dying to know where I disappeared to!  I really have nothing to say to account for my absence other than I was really busy..then really NOT busy and kinda mopey..then really busy again!  Bad blogger me…but I’m back.

The hubs has been traveling a lot lately.  Maybe that has gotten me distracted and messed up?  I feel like during the week I wonder around aimlessly and then when he’s home I feel like I should be doing things.  Whenever I sit down to post I’m either at a loss for what to write about or we’re busy and there are too many distractions.  I’m working out some new time management skills.

I have been reading, so that’s the good news, and I have an entire list of reviews to write up.

The sassy cats have all been little monsters.  The weather is changing.  The time is changing.  The people in the house are changing.  Cats don’t handle change well!  We are all coping the best we can but for now they are an up at dawn, cry all day, clingy mass of unruliness.  Though still dreadfully cute.

Now on to the good stuff!  I did take the opportunity to travel with the hubs to Orlando.  It was a business trip with evening company for him and a vacation for me.  He was so great to let me tag along and I had a fabulous time.  We stayed at the Omni Resort and it was lovely!  I spent my days reading by the pool and lounging in the lazy river.  I was especially thrilled with the fruity drinks and lunches poolside.

The hubs also treated me to some special fun.  An evening at the Magic Kingdom and a half day at Epcot.  Neither of these things were in the original game plan but he eeked out some time to do something special for me.  We also went to Disney Springs (the new downtown area) to eat, drink and shop.

I’m a huge Disney fan and it was soooo great to be there.  We went all time time when I was younger (my dad even worked there!) and I’ve missed going.  It’s been… ahem…1998 ish since I was last there.  It was a crazy short time but I enjoyed every second of it.  The Food and Wine Festival is going on in Epcot and that was really cool to be able to do.

Hope you enjoy the photos!  Apologies for my absence!



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One thought on “Glad To Be Back!

  • Patty

    What fun! I am so glad that you were able to make the trip happen. Kitties are lovely and Lucy and Roxie are not adjusting well either. Lucy seems to need to talk to me at Three in the morning.