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What’s Going On…

Okay so I’m like the worst blogger ever!  I’m the worst book reader / reviewer ever!  Well, probably not but lately my name is Ms. Lazy A. Procrastinator.

I have honestly not finished a book since October.  Shame!!!  But I’ve started a few.  I just can’t keep my mind on reading or get invested in anything.  I hope I get my reading mojo back soon.  I have to finish 4 books by the end of the year to meet my reading goal!  All year I was doing so damn well and then it just fell through the floor.

TBR Pile

Pile of unfinished books on my night table. I have issues

The Whistler

Will cozy up with this by the fire place 🙂











I’m hoping some book mail sent from my newspaper editor friend is the ticket to my reading recovery!  I LOVE John Grisham and have been looking forward to this one.

Table Top Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….ha – no, it’s not.  I have four cats – we don’t decorate. For me, it’s just not worth all the stress.  I haven’t had a tree or any real decorations up in about 6 years.  However, this year I was out shopping (braving the mob) and decided to give it a go.  I bought a tiny table top tree and decorations for it …and brought it home for the slaughter.

Simon is a present


The crew was very interested at first but really have left it alone for the most part.  It’s been up for one night and that’s one night longer than I really expected it to last.  As you can see – Simon, of course, loves it most and wants to be a present.




The last big change around here is I finally got a new phone!  Yeah and Yikes at the same time.  My old Nexus 5 was over 3 years old and though well loved, it was time for it to retire.  I have a brand new shiny (and overwhelmingly expensive) Samsung S7 Edge.

My God have you seen the price of cell phones these days?!  It’s insane.  So I’m vested in keeping this one for far longer than Samsung would probably want me to – cross your fingers for another 3 year old phone!  I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I’m still a bit scared to use the thing for fear I’ll drop and break it.  But it’s new and beautiful for now and I love it.  I got the new blue color and it’s just so pretty (such a girl, I know).

So that’s all for me for now.  Let’s all cross our fingers that my laziness and procrastination is at an end.  I really do miss blogging more regularly…I’m just so damn distractible!


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