Mismash Week

What’s Going On…

This past week has been a jumble of all things holiday prep, shopping, baking, and squeezing in “normal” stuff.

All the shopping is done and, as of last night, all the wrapping is done.  Every year I load up the car and take all the gifts over to my mom’s house and we wrap in her upstairs room.  It’s nice because I don’t have to fight off the sassy cats who are OH SO MUCH HELP!

Today I started the little bit of baking I’m going to do.  I used to make tons of crap the week of Christmas but honestly we just don’t want to eat that amount of junk anymore.  And if I make it we will certainly eat it all!  First up was some lemon poppyseed muffins.  This isn’t really holiday – we just like them and I had the stuff to make them.  As I type I’m waiting for my one batch of fudge to set.  My favorite thing is the old original Fantasy Fudge recipe.  I’m a classic girl and I don’t like all the fancy fudge – just good old chocolate chip and marshmallow cream style. Tomorrow MAY be some oatmeal raisin cookies – we’ll see.  Friday evening or Saturday morning I’ve got  chocolate peppermint cupcakes on the list.

The rest of today is, sadly, filled with cleaning, and laundry.  I may try to sneak some reading in but I may be on hiatus through the end of the year – we shall see.

Simon’s Instagram account is gaining some followers and he’s excited about that!  It’s fun to share little daily tidbits about what they are up to.

Hope your holiday prep is nearly finished!


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