Monthly Archives: January 2017

New Books, New Channel 5

What’s Going On… Hey guys it’s Monday!  I haven’t done a Monday reading check in for awhile so it’s nice to get back to that. It’s Monday! What are You Reading?  A place to get together and share what you’re reading with other book worms.  A meme hosted by Kathryn […]


Is This Thing On?

What’s Going On… I have fallen into a black hole and am accomplishing a lot but at the same time I’m getting nothing done!  Ever have that feeling of being so busy but your To Do list is growing by the minute?  Yeah that’s been the past two weeks for […]

Just So Much… 1

What’s Going On… There is just so much stuff to do!  OMG my daily To Do List has turned in to Hope and Pray for This Month.   I’ve been crafting.  It’s been many, many years since I’ve had a glue gun.  Sadly, I blistered my finger on the first […]