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Hey everyone!  Hope my fellow southerners are digging out from the snow.  Our “blizzard” here in Virginia Beach turned out to be a whopping 4 inches of snow.  This is no real surprise but truly 4 inches is enough around here for things to be shut down for a few days.



Birthdays!  January is birthday month starting with the hubs!  As of Sunday we are the same age for one week.  It’s nice not to be the older woman for a few days!  I made a cake – he requested yellow with chocolate frosting.  We’ll do a combo birthday dinner this week or next weekend.  It’s his year to pick so who knows were we’ll go.

In Book News…

On to new things!  I’ve been contemplating a BookTube channel for a bit of time and I decided to take the plunge yesterday.  What the hell is BookTube? I didn’t know either so let me share. Book Tube is a YouTube community full of book nerds that post videos about book hauls, book reviews, discussions and all sorts of bookish things.

I’m busy finding some people I like and subscribing while I learn my way around.  There is a LOT to channel creation, filming and editing and it’s all new to me.  I think the fact that I’ve never really had a vlog or any experience making videos shows how old I am.  I’m a fast learner, though admittedly, my patience threshold is minimal at best.  It took me over 3 hours to make a 12 second intro to use on my videos.  It’s a learning curve.


It’s Monday Reading check in so…

Every Thing You Want Me To BeI finished this one and OMG it’s FAB FAB FAB.  Can’t wait to get the full review up.  It’s available now so what are you waiting for?




The AnimatorsStarted this one and it’s set to hit shelves at the end of the month.  Only on the second chapter so I have no opinion about it yet.  Girls in a college art class together, both are a bit quirky.  Hoping to have it wrapped and reviewed by weeks end.  (cough, cough, yeah sure.)




Hope you have a fab week!


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