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Big things are happening with the blog!  I mentioned the other day that I’m working (and working and working) on starting up a YouTube channel to accompany the Sassy Cat Chat website.  It’s going to be loads of fun!


Simon is a helperRight now I’m busy learning all the things.  Oh my goodness I seriously underestimated how much I was going to have to LEARN!

Simon was glad to help me tea stain book pages to make a backdrop.

I’m watching so many videos and tutorials that it’s mind boggling but it’s so exciting!  I love being creative and as much as I bitch, I really like challenging things. This is  a truck load of challenge and creativity.





While I’ve been pretty busy every waking hour of the past few days I kind of feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished!  Reading has sadly taken a back seat!  I’ve gotten three book mail packages that are still unopened.  It’s kind of ironic that I’m learning and talking about all the stuff to do that it’s taking up all the time to DO it all.






It’s birthday weekend!  Hubby’s b-day was last Sunday and mine is this Sunday.  This weekend means fun dinner out.  It will be a nice mental break!  I’m still hoping to get A LOT done over the weekend as I am still cleaning up and organizing computer files and digital photos.  Nothing makes you NEVER want to take a picture again like having to sort through a few years worth of digital hoarding.

That’s all for me today!  Enjoy the weekend



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