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What’s Going On…

There is just so much stuff to do!  OMG my daily To Do List has turned in to Hope and Pray for This Month.  

I’ve been crafting.  It’s been many, many years since I’ve had a glue gun.  Sadly, I blistered my finger on the first go.  I have lots of memories crafting as a kid with my mother – and burning fingers.  We probably shouldn’t have been allowed to have hi temp glue guns as 7 year olds but…I guess they thought we’d be smart enough to figure it out.


I’m awaiting some goodies from Ali Express so I can finish making backdrops.  I’ve decided to get fancy and make my own ring light as well.  I love that creative people have figured out how to mimic a $200 light for like $25.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish with foil, zip ties and Christmas lights.





Sadly all this crafting and learning about video making has wrecked my reading schedule.  I’m finally going to finish The Animators this afternoon, that one comes out on Jan 31st.  I have a whole stack of very tempting books in my TBR.  Since I still have some 2016 stragglers I should probably get to some of those.

It’s a great day to settle into the sofa and read.  Warm and rainy…and oddly thundering.  Much more like April than January.  Next week it will probably snow.

I’m SUPER excited for Grey’s Anatomy to be returning tomorrow.  And FINALLY we get this season of Scandal.  I love Thursdays and, of course, there will be Jets pizza.

That’s all for me!  Have a great afternoon


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