Is This Thing On?

What’s Going On…

I have fallen into a black hole and am accomplishing a lot but at the same time I’m getting nothing done!  Ever have that feeling of being so busy but your To Do list is growing by the minute?  Yeah that’s been the past two weeks for me.

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA.   I’m ignoring everything, not just you.  

I have been reading a bit.  I started Age of Consent by Marti Leimbach and it’s pretty great.  I’ve got about 100 pages left and I’m saving it until I know I can sit and finish it.  Cross your fingers for tonight!

I’ve been building.  Well crafting anyway.  I built this awesome stand for about $20 to hold up my video backgrounds.  Simon and Lexie insisted on testing out the new back drop.  They are so cute.

I’ve shot two videos now and am working on the editing.  I’m so excited to bring you my YouTube channel!  It’s been so much fun.  The first videos should be going up any day.

The hubs has been back out of town again.  I always feel like I’ll get so much done but I’m not sure that I do.  I have until tomorrow evening to get a crap ton of To Do’s crossed off and I promise… it ain’t gonna happen.

Tomorrow is the return of TGIT!!  I’m so happy.  I cannot tell you disappointment last week when the Thursday line up got bumped for a 20/20 special on Trump.  Hillary would have known better.  All I’m saying about that.

Hope you’ve had a great week!


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