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What’s Going On…

It should really come as no surprise that someone who is as big of a book nerd as I am is also a fan of all things stationary.  It’s probably why I HAD to have a set of Prisma Color colored pencils and coloring books.  It’s why I have tons of notepads and post-it pads laying about.  I have always like pretty paper and such.

Today I went to two stationary stores.  I had only planed on visiting one because I decided I needed some Blackwing pencils.  In my online perusing I stumbled on the resurgence in popularity of fountain pens.  Oh my.  All the pretty pens and inks!  I needed this in my life.  As it turns out, we have a pretty amazing shop locally called A Pen Lovers Paradise and wow! was it ever.

I could have spent forever in there.  The hubs was patient with my shopping and I tried not to linger too long.  Pam, the owner, set me up with an amazing new fountain pen and some glorious peacock blue ink.  I’m so tickled by my new pens and pencils.  Too bad I can’t blog on paper.  I

Isn’t that ink bottle the most beautiful thing?  My pen has an italic nib on it so it makes my writing look fancy.  I may see a dark purple pen in my future. There are so many that are just too pretty.  I think I could become one of those people with all kinds of pens and shelves full of bottles of ink!

The fountain pen is certainly a novelty.  Not too many people have them.  I guess they seem a little high maintenance but I think it’s really cool.

Okay -that’s enough of a pen tangent for today.

In Book News…

I have finally written up a LONG overdue review for Behold The Dreamers. Bottom line is that I loved this book and totally thing everyone should read it.  Random House kindly sent me my copy.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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It isn’t very often that I can finish a book and have it leave me a little bit different. Behold The Dreamers was, yes, a great read but I can honestly say it made me think. It changed my perspective and that’s never an easy thing for an author to accomplish. Imbolo Mbue has given herself some very big shoes to fill after writing such an amazing debut novel.

Behold The Dreamers is the story of two immigrants, Jende and Neni, from Cameroon who are living in Harlem with their young son. Theirs is the story of two wide-eyed and awe stuck believers in the American Dream. The thought that anyone can come to America and find a safe place to live, make an honest living, and above all, find happiness. All too quickly Jende and Neni will learn first hand that the American Dream is not quite what they dreamed of.

How do you cope when you realize that everything you’ve ever dreamed of just isn’t what it seem? Is adjusting your dreams the same thing as giving up on them? Faced with lawyers, mounting paperwork, difficulties with employment and the threat of deportation, Jende becomes disheartened and wants to leave America and return back to his native Cameroon. Neni is happy with her job, their son is doing well in school and Neni herself is getting opportunities for education that she would never have in Cameroon. Neni is a believer that everything will turn out right if you work hard and have a little faith.

Imbolo Mbue has written a heartfelt story with amazing characters. Behold The Dreamers is a touching novel that will leave you a little bit different than before. Filled with such beautiful writing it’s hard not to get lost in the story of Jende and Neni - it’s a journey worth taking.

Hope you have a lovely afternoon!


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One thought on “Pencils and Pens!

  • Patty

    I love paper and pens and pencils, too! And coloring, tools! I can only write with a certain kind of tip and I am constantly on the lookout for that tip! Enjoy your new stuff!