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Today has been another (and the last) gloriously spring like day.  I sat out on my front porch and read for a couple of hours.  It actually was a bit too warm in the sunshine!  Sadly, tomorrow it comes to an end.  The lime tree which has been happy outside for that last two days is going to have to be carted back into the garage.  It’s full of blooms!

Simon has been enjoying the spring like air today with our office window open.  A peaceful nap for him.  I was tempted myself but I’ve got too much to try to do!

The hubs and I spend the better part of the day yesterday hanging up pictures and new curtains.  Yep – we’ve been moved into this house for over a year so it’s time to get that shit done!

I’m getting more adjusted to my new glasses, which is a good thing, but it’s taking far longer than is convenient.  I’ve had them in the past but never had any that worked out.  I’m a contacts wearer but at times it’s just a hassle to deal with them!

I am GOING to get this book I’m reading done today!  Oh my it’s taken a long time – it may be just me being slow about it.  I’m down to the last of it and today is the day!  Dinner will be hot dogs and mac and cheese so that I have time to check things off my to do list tonight.  God bless my easy going hubby!  Hopefully there will be a new video up over on the YouTube channel on Friday!

Happy Wednesday!!


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