New Week – Big Things! 2

What’s Going On…

It’s Monday!  I think I kind of vanished last week.  Bad me!  I’ve been trying to get life under control.  Hubs has been traveling. I had a bit of stomach flu – so that’s always fun.

I THINK that I’ve gotten my video editing issues under control. YEAH!!  If you haven’t checked out the You Tube then pop on over and let me know what you think.  When I reach 100 subscribers I can get a custom URL link.  I’ve got several videos to tape this week.  I’ve been getting loads of book mail and there are some real goodies that have come in.  I’m always so excited to rip open those envelopes – Lord only knows what the UPS and Mailman think I order all the time.

The sassy cats have all been busy being super cute.  They have been loving the really warm days we’ve been having!  They are sunshine napping experts.

Simon and Lexie

Soo – here’s the fun news this week.  My mom is getting a new kitty.  Next week she and I are flying out to California to get him.  AND back on the same day.  We have no common sense LOL.  But I’m hoping to kind of vlog our trip to get him!  So everyone – meet George.

In Book News…

I’ve finished a few!  I read and LOVED We Were The Lucky Ones.  I read and did not love Little Girl Lost.  I am nearly finished with Roseblood.  This is my first real venture into the YA category.  I think because it’s Phantom of the Opera I’d love it no matter what.  It’s listed as a retelling but that’s a bit misleading.  It’s more of a where are they now rather than a retelling.


So that’s all for me right now!  Hope you’re reading something good!





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