Monthly Archives: March 2017

Wednesday Things – And a Tag Post 1

What’s Going On… Hey all it’s Wednesday!  For some reason it’s been kind of a wonky week so far.  I’ve just felt a little off all week – I guess that happens to the best of us. The weather has been playing hot and cold.  There were a few nice […]


The Universe Intervened

What’s Going On… The hubs will shortly be on his way back home for the weekend! Plans for next weeks travel are still up in the air – lol no pun intended.   Another midnight pick up from the airport.  Truly, I don’t mind as it’s only a 15 minute […]

A Day Late… 1

What’s Going On… Wow Monday just slipped right past me this week.  Yesterday ended up being a busy day!  So let’s just rewind and do our It’s Monday! What Are You Reading post: I’m checking in with the IMWAYR hosted by Kate over at The Book Date.  If you’re not […]