Twenty Eight And Counting

What’s Going On…

Tuesday and as it turns out Wednesday, was Gotcha Day for George!    As with all travel we encountered some bumps in the road but in the end we all arrived back home safe and just a little worse for wear.

If you’re wondering what it takes to cross the country twice in just over 24 hours – here are some fun facts about our trip.

4 Flights and 1 Car Ride

4 States 

28.5 Hours of Travel

4,958 Miles 

We logged nearly 5,000 miles! Here is a good idea of how far that is.  We could have traveled to:

Greece:  5,035 miles

Sao Paulo Brazil: 4,645 miles

Honolulu, Hawaii:  4,912 miles

Moscow, Russia 4,944 miles

Our trip took us from Virginia to Illinois to California back to Illinois to Maryland and, at last, back to Virginia.  The alarm clock sounded at 4 a.m. sharp Tuesday morning and my weary bones crawled back into bed just before 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

The first parts of the trip were pretty smooth.  The fun began when we landed in California to realize our last flight of the day (from Chicago to Home) had been canceled!!  When we made it into the airport mom met Bonnie (George’s mommy / breeder) while I got our flights rearranged.

Plan B was to travel from Chicago to Baltimore with my wonderful hubby making the 4 hour dive up to get us and then drive us 4 hours back home.  However, when we arrived back in Chicago – the universe decided that it had more in store for us.  Weather.  Thunderstorms and tornadoes to be more precise.  Which meant about three more hours of delays.

George was a trooper through it all!  He wasn’t thrilled about the plane rides but he handled it well.  Mom and I hung out in a mom and baby room in the Chicago airport for a while and gave him some time to stretch is legs.  He is happily adjusting to his new home and meeting his new family.

We had fun making a Vlog of our trip and I’ll have that video up in just a few days on the You Tube channel.  It will be a great memory of our trip.

Here a a few fun photos from the day:

That’s all for today – it’s been an adventure!




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