Monday – and Our Travel Video

What’s Going On…

It’s Monday!  For some reason I manage to get it together and put up a blog post on Monday.  The rest of the week tends to scoot right past me.  Maybe it’s because I’m not doing too much else on a Monday and the other weekdays tend to be more busy.  And by busy, I do not mean productive – at least not lately.  That’s my goal (again) this week – get some shit done!  It was also my goal the last three weeks but whatever.

I have totally thrown out that New Year’s resolution of not getting behind on my book reviews.  So now, once again, I’m staring at a list of like eight books that I finished and need to review.  I’ve got some videos to record as well and one more hanging on to edit.  I’ve kind of let that process slide to the back burner due to all the troubles I’ve had.  Thankfully that is all under control now.  Bouncing around different computers and laptops trying to figure out what works.  It’s exhausting but I think it’s over.  I’m set up on a laptop The Hubs bought over Black Friday.  He actually doesn’t use it very much.  I was reluctant but ultimately happy to take it over.

I have finally recovered from our trip last week – mom seems rested up too.  I hear George is doing very well.  He’s a huge love bug and took no time to seek out laptime.  He and his new sister Madison have yet to find any love for each other but that will come in time.  Tonkinese cats are not good loners so she’ll be looking for some snuggle time very soon.

You can check out the vlog we made during our trip!  Head on over to the You Tube Channel to watch our adventure!

In Book News…

The good thing about all that flying was I read almost an entire book.  I’m officially ahead one book in my Good Reads challenge for the year.  Yeah me!  So now that I’ve got some cushion there, I’ll be spending my time getting caught up on all the other stuff.  I’m trying not to start anything new until I cut my to be reviewed list down just a tad.  But it’s really hard not to pick up a book when you’ve got more than 30 in your TBR pile.  Ahh the struggles of a reader. I’m not complaining at all.  I do love it – I’m just lazy.

So what have I finished recently? These are the latest books finished.  Luckily I’ve been loving all of my recent reads! These were all various levels of really good.

That’s all for me for today!


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