Thursday Thoughts

What’s Going On…

I’m not going to lie – the past few days have just been total shit.  I’m sad to say that I have to finally admit that my migraines are coming back.  I worked with doctors for many years to get them under control – and we were able to eventually.  I was on a medication and had such good luck that we tried to get off of it.  And that worked to!

I have not been on any meds for close to three years.  But the past few months have slowly devolved into a few days a week being sucky.  Last night I’d finally had enough and went to the Urgent Care for a pain medication injection.  I hate, absolutely HATE that I’m back at that point.  The good news though is that, aside from the bruise on my ass, I’m right as rain today.  One shot and it’s like three days of a headache never happened.

So I have an appointment with my regular doctor next week and we’ll decide what to do.  I’m not excited to go back on medications but having headaches all the time isn’t an option either.  Migraines are a bitch and I’m sorry for all of (us) that have to suffer.

With that said – it’s a BEAUTIFUL day outside today!  I have three days worth of stuff to catch up on, house work and I wanted to do yard work.  I completely don’t care!  I’m going to go outside and soak up some sunshine and enjoy feeling better.  Maybe some chores this evening 🙂

That’s my news today.  Bill comes home tonight and is home all next week.  There is a neat french pastry place I found out about a few weeks ago and I’m hoping to wrangle him into lunch next week.


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