Pretty Pens and Thoughts on Bookmail. 2

What’s Going On…

In a word or two…not much!  And sometimes that is A-OK with me.  Actually I have two doctor’s appointments this week which is just crazy for me because I never really go to the doctor’s office.  I’ve spent enough time in those being a kid with asthma and an adult with migraines.  I’m happy to visit yearly-ish.

The hubs walked into the bedroom last night, where I was watching t.v. and NOT reading, and announced he wanted to take me out to lunch today.  No idea where we will go but I’m excited. It’s nice to be asked.

fountain pen and pilot inkI got a new pen yesterday!  Well actually no, the pen came in last week but the new ink came in yesterday.  I knew before I even purchased my first fountain pen that I could easily build a collection.  This color is just gorgeous!  It’s a wine-ish, purple-ish raspberry color and I adore it.

These bottles of ink!  They are just too pretty.  I want shelves and shelves of bottles of ink. Sadly, I keep them in their boxes in my desk.  First of all – ummm.. four cats and glass bottles full of ink.  I’ll let you figure that situation out.  Secondly, it’s better to store them away from light.

Reading.  I actually HAVE been reading a lot these days.  Which is surprising because I tend to read less in the winter months.  My reading doesn’t normally pick up until I can go sit outside.  But warm seems so far away right now.  So I’ve been bundled up with blankets and sassy cats to keep me cozy.

I’ve  had to cull my TBR shelf a bit.  I hate doing it!  I get all these wonderful looking books sent to me by publishers and I wish I could read them all.  I’m realizing I’d have to be super-human to get through all of them so I’ve had to pick a few that seem a bit meh.  Though I did pass them on with the catch that I would go back and read anything that was reported back to be really good.

BookmailI’ve gotten several goodies in my mailbox since the end of February!  I’ve been making book mail / haul style videos over on the You Tube channel.  As a side note – I need 100 subscribers to claim a channel name so hey – help a girl out!!  So here is my point about the book mail videos.  I’ve been trying to keep them a bit shorter and I figured doing a book mail video twice monthly would keep my drawer from overflowing.  However, I’m considering going to a monthly book mail video.  I think over time doing two a month can get mind numbing.  Any thoughts?




So that’s my Wednesday.  Time to get ready for my lunch date!





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