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What’s Going On…

Happy St. Pat’s to all of you that enjoy it.  Green…and especially green beer aren’t my thing despite my hubby’s Irish roots.  Though I do have a strong desire to make Irish Bomb cupcakes 😉

I’ve actually had a semi-productive week.  Not today mind you, but earlier this week wasn’t so bad.  I blame the dreadful cold.

I had to go in to see my regular doctor today to address my headaches that have been slowly creeping back up on me.  Sadly I think I’ll end up back with the pain management specialist.  I really liked him and he helped me a TON but I just kind of thought I was done with all of that.  Guess not.

I have neglected to keep you all up to date with the Sassy Cats.  Lexie is most unhappy not to have her photo blasted to the world at every opportunity. So here are a few photos of their cuteness.

I ended up with some LOVELY book mail from publishers today!  My drawer is officially packed!  I don’t know that I can make it until the end of March before doing a haul video!  I actually requested the two sent by the amazing William Morrow! Good God what was I thinking?  But this Mary Kubica gem from Harlequin made me actually squeal with excitement when I ripped it open.

Mary Kubica - Every Last Lie

I also have a book review to share with you guys!

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

St. Patrick’s Day / TGIFRight Behind You (Quincy & Rainie, #7) by Lisa Gardner
Published by Headline on February 9th 2017

If you’re looking for a compulsive, page turning read that keeps you guessing then Lisa Gardner’s latest release Right Behind You is just the book you’re looking for.

Lisa Gardner is amazing at writing those all important first chapters of a novel. She’s not the kind to slowly build a narrative that piques your interest little by little. No, Lisa Gardner tends to throw you, head first, into the deep end of the pool. It won’t take more than Chapter 1 of Right Behind You to get you completely engrossed and reading as fast as you can.

Tully and his baby sister Sharla have it pretty rough. Living with their abusive, addict parents in a squalid trailer the kids are raising themselves. It’s nothing new for Tully to have to defend himself and Sharla from their violent father. But one fateful night the violence gets out of hand and their parents end up dead and Tully and Sharla are separated and placed into the foster care system.

Sharla fares pretty well in foster care, eventually ending up with retired FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his partner, Rainie Conner. If you’re a fan of Gardner's books you’ll recognize Quincy and Rainey as lead characters in a series of her novels. If you don’t, however, follow Lisa Gardner then this novel is still an excellent stand alone.

Tully is dealing with loads of anger has a reputation for being trouble. He bounces around from place to place and is on the verge of ageing out of the foster system all together. His luck seems to have changed when he is taken in by an older couple looking to help the misguided teen. But when his foster parents wind up dead - Tully is the first person the police suspect.

Right Behind You is a plot driven novel full of clever twists and suspicious characters. The narration rotates between characters as well as shifts back and forth in time. This constantly changing point of view is an interesting style and helps drive the story line. Once you pick it up, you’ll be hard pressed to put this one down.


If you’ve read this one I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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