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What’s Going On…

Wow Monday just slipped right past me this week.  Yesterday ended up being a busy day!  So let’s just rewind and do our It’s Monday! What Are You Reading post:

I’m checking in with the IMWAYR hosted by Kate over at The Book Date.  If you’re not sure what it’s all about or you’d like to join in go check out Kate’s blog.

This week am reading The Missing Ones and sadly I have to say that I’m really not loving this one so far.  I’m on chapter four so I’m going to have to decide quickly if I’m going to stick it out or toss it on the DNF pile.  I’m surprised because it has pretty good reviews on GoodReads but I’m just not into it.

The Missing Ones

I got some LOVELY book mail today!  I had actually seen this book a bit ago and it just showed up today from the lovely Liz and Emer at Harlequin. Tiffany Reisz is the author of The Bourbon Thief and it had amazing reviews.  It’s actually in my TBR and now I want to read it before getting into this one.

The Night Mark

I have been so lucky lately and some really great things have arrived from publishers.  It makes it so hard to pick what to read!  I just want to read them all!! But I’ve been culling my shelf a bit and I’m thinking of doing a giveaway.  Are you all up for a giveaway for some ARC’s??  I will let you know when I post it – most likely it will be a video over on my You Tube channel later this week.  If you haven’t checked out the channel this would be a great time to head over!

As for me – not much is planned this week.  Reading, Reviewing, Tweeting and Videos.  Okay – so maybe that is a lot planned!  I have made some great new blogger friends over the past week so I need to carve out some time to check out all of their lovely book blogs!  I’m also feeling a bit motivated to finally get some business cards designed.

I feel like I spend as much time doing things about reading as I spend time actually reading!  Bookworm problems.  The hubs has some travel scheduled so I’m going to crack the whip and get some stuff checked off that to-do list.  While the cats away as they say…

SpeGraceaking of cats – here is a dose of daily cuteness.  I have finally gotten my butt in gear and contacted Rachel about doing Grace’s painting.  This is the image she will work from and I’m so excited to be getting it done!  If you are new to the blog – Rachel is a WONDERFUL artist who has done paintings of Lexie and Simon as well as several for friends of mine.  Her work is just amazing – go check her out on her Etsy Shop.


These are Lexie and Simon’s paintings she did for me awhile ago and I just love them.


Hope you all are enjoying the first days of spring!  I’m waiting on the warm weather…



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