The Universe Intervened

What’s Going On…

The hubs will shortly be on his way back home for the weekend! Plans for next weeks travel are still up in the air – lol no pun intended.   Another midnight pick up from the airport.  Truly, I don’t mind as it’s only a 15 minute ride or so to the airport.

So, of course, my plan for the day was to scrub, scrub, scrub.  Sadly (or not) the universe has intervened and my vacuum is broken.  I took it apart as much as I’m willing to and now it awaits the hubs and tools and stuff.  I did manage to clean the bathroom and I’ve some laundry going  but that’s all for me today.

The weather man is promising a gorgeous weekend!  I’m so excited about that!  Sunny and Seventies is my jam.  I’m looking forward to some more work on my pitiful  back yard.  Grunt work of weeding and cleaning is in my near future but I can not wait till it’s time for planting and decorating.  I’m really hoping for some new furniture and goodies out there this year.

Today is slowly becoming a headache day.  I woke up fine but as the day has crept on, my neck and shoulder is tightening up and thus my head is starting to throb.  I have some new handy-dandy Zanaflex that is supposed to help.  I take one and night and it doesn’t make me tired at all.  So – I can only guess that I won’t be knocked out by the one I had a bit ago.  As long as I’m up for Grey’s at 8 p.m. !

I’ve not been reading nearly as much as I wanted to this week.  Isn’t that always the case?  But I did go over to my moms house last night and played Bunco.  She plays with a group every month and it was her turn to host and she needed some substitute people.  I won $35 so I left a happy girl.

I still intend to post a giveaway video tomorrow.  But with the headache creeping up I can’t tape it today.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes!  That’s pretty much all the news I’ve got for this week.

Have a terrific Thursday!


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