Gotta Get Away!!

What’s Going On…

Wow it’s been a week!!  On Monday the hubs and I left at 8 a.m for a seven-ish hour car ride to Charleston, SC.  We shopped, walked, ate and drank our way through three lovely days in the historic port city.

It was really a nice time, though not quite as relaxing as I thought it would be!  After visiting Savannah, Ga a few years back, I was expecting a similar style vacation.  Charleston is much more a of bustling city and there was so much to do and see.  And soooo much walking!  Oh my I was unprepared for all the walking!  Those narrow, uneven sidewalk are freaking murder!!

I’ll treat you to a few quick photos from my phone.  I’m sure I’ll bombard Monday’s post with many more once I get my “real” camera photos loaded onto my computer.  Charleston was beautiful and a place any Southerner, or East Coaster should put on their to – see list.

In Book News…

There isn’t too much to tell book – wise lately!  Part of my vacation was NOT reading.  Last week, I finished The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz.  I thought it was okay.  I know if you’ve read this you’re saying WHAT!?  Just Okay!?  But let me explain.  I can totally appreciate the book for the writing and Tiffany’s style.  But on that note – this was a full out romance novel.  Like a go back in time to meet your lover in a past life sort of romance novel.  If you know me AT ALL then you know this was totally the wrong book for me.  Reading the back jacket blurb I expected it to be women’s lit and a bit romancy.  And maybe it was my failure in reading the blurb and getting the correct impression.  But be warned this is a supernatural love story.  If you love that fantasy, long lost loves reconnected sort of thing then you will LOVE this book.  Sadly, that’s not me.


On another note, I had book mail awaiting me when I returned home!  That will never get old. I adore getting book mail from publishers!  This is in from Liz at Harlequin.  It’s a huge deckle edge floppy hardback and that alone makes me want to read it!  And – just look at that cover!  It’s gorgeous.  This seems like a perfect spring time read.  It will be out in July





Hope you all have a nice Easter Weekend!


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