Lazy Springtime Week 2

What’s Going On…

It’s been a beautiful week weather wise here in Southeastern Va.  Nearly summer like temps which are nice for lazing about outside reading.  Simon was more than happy to keep me company out on the back deck this afternoon.  He just loves to be outside.

It also makes me anxious to get new plants in the ground.  I love shopping for plants and making the yard pretty.  BUT I have to get my beds cleared out first!  I should really be doing that this afternoon.  Maybe when it gets a bit cooler out – I’m not quite ready to be hot and sticky yet.

I did happen to be at Walmart the other day. Grocery shopping after vacation is rough!  The house is empty of food (not all bad) and there is so much to get!  Anyway – I was innocently walking through the garden section and I was accosted by these plants.  They had the nerve to jump in my cart.



Speaking of barren kitchen cabinets – I have a bit of news to share.  I’ve spoken a bit before about really wanting to get back on track with this weight loss thing.  That’s a hard train to stay on folks.  I admit – I have no will power against food.  I get cranky when I’m hungry and crazy diets are just not for me.  Let’s be clear…I’m not giving up beer and french fries – not in this lifetime.  However, I have managed to lose 5lbs (again) so I’m pretty happy to be doing well with that this week.  Day by day.  I’m trying something new and maybe I’ll share that on a later post after I’ve had some more success with it.

In Book News…

I’ve received some goodies in book mail this week.  Two from Hachette Books – Quercus.

Also, three new titles on NetGalley!! Thanks to Random House – Ballentine, Blackstone Publishing and Schribner.

These all look promising and I’ve added them to my calendar.  Someday I may manage to get through my growing TBR pile.  Someday.

That’s all for me – no Grey’s Anatomy tonight so I have no clue what I’ll do with myself!  Possibly the hubs and I will catch the O’s game on tonight.




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    • LisaD Post author

      Thank you! Simon is actually a Tonkinese cat. A standardized breed that is Siamese and Burmese. He is wearing a Sturdi Products Vest! I have a few of these and love them! The cat’s think they are very comfy and I think they are very secure 😉