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Twenty Years.  Sometimes it seems as if it was moments ago.  Sometimes it seems like it was a lifetime ago.  Both are true.

I struggled with if I should write this post today.  But ultimately, this blog is about me – about my life – and May 1 1997 is a day that changed my life, and so many others, forever.  Whenever this first week of May rolls around it’s time to celebrate spring.  We step into the sunshine and anticipate summer.  But for me, it’s also a time to remember.

Twenty years ago the world lost two beautiful girls, Kristi and Kati Lisk.   They were very much my younger sisters growing up and I still think of them often; laugh and cry about things we shared.  Birthdays, vacations, summers by the pool – they were there for all of it.  Our families spent an enormous amount of time together.

Were we friends?  Yes.  And no.  We were friends in the way only girls who grow up together can be friends.  Kati was the little sister that Kristi and I were annoyed by but loved.  Kristi and I were only a few years apart in age and we loved each other and wanted to be as far away from each other as possible – each in equal amount at times.

Twenty years later my memories of them are filled with games of Marco Polo, My Little Ponies and searching for seashells on the beach.

Though I did not know her – I also think of Sophia Silva who was another beautiful life lost at the hands of the same man.  I think of Kara Robinson – her bravery kept her from the same fate and who ultimately lead to this man being caught.  Without her – there may have never been answers.

I’m sure many of you that are reading this know the events of 1997.  For the ones of you who do not – Sofia, Kristi and Kati were taken by a man from their homes.  He was a serial killer and I will not mention him further.  He’s not worth the digital ink.  Kara was abducted by this man years after Sofia, Kristin and Kati but she was able to escape and lead police to him.  Her strength is immeasurable.

Twenty years later I still have the yellow ribbon that I tied to my backpack when Kristi and Kati were missing. I received a locket for High School Graduation only weeks after the girls died.  I put their photos in it and I still keep that locket. I still have the ticket stub where (the hubs) and I took Kati to see Guys and Dolls at the high school.  I still have my beautiful senior prom dress that Kati helped me shop for only weeks before they left us.  So many good things, good memories,  get mixed up with those of May 1997. Most of the time though it’s the scrapbooking, the swimming and the My Little Ponies that I remember.

This week though, is harder to focus on all the toys and games of childhood.  This week I remember the sound of helicopters searching.  I remember yellow ribbons and photos of the girls adorning every surface of Spotyslvainia County.  This week I remember road blocks and police cars everywhere and news coverage that came from every television.

It was the end of my senior year of high school and I didn’t attend much of about 2 weeks of it.  Mom- if your reading this – I’m sorry about that.  Some days she knew I stayed…with my boyfriend (now the hubs).  I saw her off and on – she was over at Kristi and Kati’s house with their mother as they were such close friends.  As much as I wanted to be there, at that house, she wanted me kept away.  Something I was so angry about then but completely understand now.

Twenty years later so much about my life has changed.  I graduated High School and then college.  I’ve moved a few times.  I got married.  But so much of me is still rooted in childhood and days spent with Kristi and Kati.

Twenty years later all of us who loved you continue think of you and miss you.  We remember you in lady bugs and rainbows. We remember you in teddy bears and horses.  We remember you.




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7 thoughts on “20 Years Later…

  • Tammy

    My heart goes out to you Lisa. I remember that time well. At that time I was raising two girls of my own. That tragedy made me realize that you can never be too careful. I prayed with many that they would be returned safely It’s sad to think that we live in a world like this. But one thing I’m sure of is those girls are still your friend and watch over you. My hope for you is that you will continue to remember the good times you all shared.

  • Deborah

    Oh, I haven’t heard of this case but can imagine how something close to home (literally or metaphorically) can really have an impact on your life and the lives of so many others. I think it’s even harder when the events don’t make any sense at all and you can’t fathom how people can and do, hurt others. #teamlovinlife

  • Emma

    I want to say the same as others – so sad and so pointless to lose lives so young. Thank you for sharing – it puts a lot of my every day gripes into perspective.