Fab Friday 5

What’s Going On…

Like much of the East Coast, we’ve had our fair share of rain falling the past few days.  Today and tomorrow promise to be more of the same.  The bright note is that next week is supposed to be beautiful!!!  I’ve really got to get my gardening butt in gear and tend to my back yard.  Now that my poison ivy has basically cleared up (thank you, Prednisone!) I’ll be weeding and planting all the things over the next week or so.

We had a Sassy Cat Birthday on Thursday!  My very handsome baby boy, Makari, is now six years old.  I can’t believe it.  He was happy to have some birthday tuna for lunch yesterday.

In Book News…

Camino Island

Today’s book mail brought me the most exciting thing!  I’ve been waiting for it and on a lovely, rainy Friday that’s just begging for a good read – it appeared!  Now I have the hardest choice to make!!  I’m in the middle of a book but I REALLY just want to dive into this one ASAP.  So – am I a good reader and finish what I started? Do I throw caution to the wind and abandon ship ?  The struggle is real.




Find Her

In a bit more exciting news – I’m going to be working with Dutton, Penguin Random House for a giveaway for you all!!  Lisa Gardner’s exciting book Find Her is going to be releasing in trade paperback on June 13.  If you remember, I highly recommend this great thriller to you guys.  Dutton is going to be sending me something to share with my lovely book peeps. That’s You!!  I’ll be hosting the giveaway over on the YouTube channel but I’ll put all the info up here on the blog as well so you won’t miss out.  Check out my official review of Find Her.



Hope you have a great and book filled weekend!  Happy Friday


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