It’s Backyard Wartime

What’s Going On…

This week Monday just needed to go away!  Several mishaps resulted in my not posting yesterday so lets have a do over! The day was off with a literal bang when on the way out to run errands I did the incredibly smart thing of backing out of my garage and clipping my mirror.  GRRRR!  I was so pissed!  The hubby has ordered a part and it should be fixed in a few days.  All in all it’s not the worst thing ever, but still.  You just never need that kind of crap to happen.

Next up was going on a mission to find the insect killer for my back yard.  Sadly after several stops I was empty handed.  I got a bagel for lunch and decided I was done for the day.  Amazon had just what I needed and it will arrive tomorrow!  I had myself all psyched up to take on the back yard this week but a few more days won’t do any harm.  I did get started though spraying vegetation killer.  I’m waging war against all living things out there

Our back yard isn’t a bad little space – it actually has a lot of potential.  But it needs some serious love!!  There used to be a hot tub out there (good riddance!) and now it’s just a lot of nothing.  Here are some, very embarrassing, “before” photos.  I can’t wait for some snazzy ‘”after” photos later this summer. Lots of brickwork to get up and OMG see the weed situation I’ve got!

The backyard makeover last summer came to an abrupt stop when I got that stress fracture and so it feels like it’s a long time coming to have a beautiful space back there.  I have dreams of cutsey things hanging on the fence and a nice patio set.  I’d love some huge billowy green container plants! The first things to go in though will be the herb bed and a beautiful flower bed for butterflies.  I have vision, I’m just lacking in motivation as it’s a ton of work!!  On the plus side, my little lime tree is packed with baby fruit!!  I can’t wait for fresh limes.


Do you have an outdoor space that you love?  Hit me with some ideas!!!  Or if you’ve got a work in progress as well I’d love to know how it’s going.

That’s all for today!  Enjoy the warm and dry weather!!


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