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Some Big Changes….Or Maybe Not. 3

What’s Going On…  Sometimes you run across something on the internet and that little voice says “Nope..don’t click on that!  You really don’t want to read that.”   Our  little bubbles of ignorance are so shiny and pink. But you click the photo or the news headline and pop the […]


Grace, Painting

Here Comes The Rain Again

What’s Going On… Well it seems that summer is upon us for sure!  The past few days have been hot, hot, hot and we’ve had several days of summer storms.  It’s been so rainy here all spring and we don’t really need more rain but I love a good summer […]

The Drama Continues….

What’s Going On… I’m sad to say that the drama with my teeth continues.  On Monday I went and was prepared to have it taken out.  Then we decided to give it a day or two and see.  I now have an appointment tomorrow to have it taken out – […]

The Summer House