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What’s Going On…

Lets get to the good stuff right off the bat!  I have a giveaway winner for the paperback release of Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen. Lindsey Stefan you’re my lucky reader!!  Get in contact with me via email at and I’ll get your lovely book out to you!

Next up:  It’s Monday What Are You Reading?  Hop on over to Kathryn’s blog at       The Book Date and check out everyone’s weekly reading. It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and find new things to add to your TBR.

Last week I finished Not A Sound by Heather Gudenkauf.  I really enjoyed this book!  It’s about a woman who loses her hearing in an accident and I found Amelia’s character to be super likable and relate-able.  Heather does a great job of making her readers really  connect and empathize with what Amelia is dealing with.  It is a mystery novel though figuring out the plot line won’t be too much of a stretch for mystery novel buffs.  However, the characters, writing and story line are so good that you’ll forgive that it doesn’t really deliver on the mystery aspect.

This week I’m reading something a bit different for me.  I picked up The Summer House by Jenny Hale.  It’s an an easy and fun summer chick lit/romancy novel.  I’m about half way through and find it enjoyable.  I’m always a bit hard on cheeky rom-com style books but this is thus far proving worth the read.  The characters are funny and the setting of the Outer Banks of North Carolina is wonderful.  Having spent time there nearly every summer of my child hood I really enjoy reading a novel set here.  The main characters, Olivia and Callie are in the midst of renovating an old house into a bed and breakfast vacation spot.  As I’m reading this novel all I can think of is that I want to spend a week here!!

In Other News… 

I’ve had a bit of a saga going on the past few days.  I had some dental work done last week – no big deal just some cavities (brush your teeth kiddo’s!!).  However one of the teeth has a fracture and has been quite painful over the weekend.  It may end up having to be pulled.  So.Not.Fun.  I’ll know later this week – for now, we’re hoping it starts to feel better in a day or so.


If you follow Simon’s instagram then you’ll know that he loves his people.  Here are some photos of him over the weekend enjoying the outside and the new swing with me!

Hope you all are braving the heat!  Happy Monday!




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