The Drama Continues….

What’s Going On…

toothI’m sad to say that the drama with my teeth continues.  On Monday I went and was prepared to have it taken out.  Then we decided to give it a day or two and see.  I now have an appointment tomorrow to have it taken out – but now maybe not.  I might get some pain meds so I can hang on for another week or so and see if it gets any better.  No one WANTS to have a tooth pulled.  However, no one wants to be in pain for weeks on end either.  So that’s where I am at the moment – maybe waiting maybe not.  At the moment I’d like them all yanked out!  That’s my bitching for the day. Well most likely not but lets set the bar high.

I will go on the record for saying I’m a huge fan of percocet.  Not in a drug addict way – but in a thank god something helps kind of way.  I think we should petition congress so we can buy it in 500 tablet bottles at Costco like Tylenol.  I don’t understand why people who honestly are in pain have such a hard time getting medication.  Don’t even get me started on the Sudafed drama when you have a sinus issue.  It’s like the government thinks we’re all Walter White or something.

I’d give you the low down on other things going on – but there isn’t much.  The hubs is home for the next few weeks so that’s a nice change.  At some point we are thinking of getting a new car.  That’s a long story but basically I have a CRV that’s 9 years old.  I still LOVE it!  But hubby has a business car that is going back to the company – this is a good thing – and we are eligible for a car reimbursement program.  This basically means we get a certain amount of money per month for him to use our personal car for business use.  So we are thinking of getting a new crossover type something. I’m thinking new CRV model but also maybe a Mazda.  Any thoughts?  What do you drive and love – or hate?

In Book News…

Okay so time for a book review!  I just finished this the other day and wanted to share with you.

The Drama Continues….The Summer House by Jenny Hale
on June 9, 2017
Pages: 282
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The Summer House by Jenny Hale is a fun and light summertime feel-good read.

Main Characters Olivia and Callie have bought an old house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in hopes of restoring it and turning it into a bed and breakfast. This is such a fun idea and after reading The Summer House, I desperately want to go and stay at The Beachcomber.

The Summer House is a true to form chick-lit / romance novel. If you like movies such as The Wedding Planner or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days then you'll love this novel.

The plot is a little predictable and Luke, our main male character, and Callie's love interest, is a bit over the top in the perfect man category. He is your typical handsome, thoughtful but so down to earth millionaire.

Jenny's vibrant and descriptive writing bring delightful characters and a beautiful setting to life. I really loved her writing style and the next time I'm up for a perky, pick me up kind of read I will grab one of her other novels.

Bottom line: The Summer House is a perfect summer read.

As a side note if you're already a fan of Jenny Hale, the Hallmark Channel has picked up her novel Coming Home for Christmas to make into a t.v. movie for it's Christmas line up in 2017.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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