Here Comes The Rain Again

What’s Going On…


Well it seems that summer is upon us for sure!  The past few days have been hot, hot, hot and we’ve had several days of summer storms.  It’s been so rainy here all spring and we don’t really need more rain but I love a good summer storm.  Though with those storms we’ve also spent two evenings with no power.  That’s never fun!  It seems all this week will bring more of the same.  Hot and Stormy – kind of sounds like a romance novel.

The weekend brought good things my way in the dental world!  Finally my teeth are feeling a whole lot better.  OMG!  I was just so thrown by all of that nonsense.  I really feel for those who have dental issues – the hubs included in that.  I never really understood how maddening that can be!  But all is on the mend and hopefully more improvement to come.

The Sassy Cat Crew has been taking advantage of all the gloomy afternoons.  Cat naps all around.  Here are my cuties all cuddled up.


Grace’s Portrait

Grace’s painting is finally done and it’s so beautiful!!!  As I’ve mentioned before the lovely Rachel Parker Varner is incredibly talented and does the most amazing water colors.  Simon and Lexie had portraits done a bit ago and now I have Grace proudly on my wall.  I highly recommend you check out Rachel and her work!







In Book News…

 Be sure to check out Kathryn’s blog at The Book Date to check out what everyone is reading.  It’s a great place to meet new bloggers and add to your growing TBR.




Over the weekend I wrapped up It’s Always the Husband.  This one was really just okay for me.  It’s about three college room mates who both best friends and their own worst enemies.  The girls have their fair share of college days trouble and are generally just a mess.  Flawed and dysfunctional is their deal.  We follow Kate, Jenny, and Aubrey through college and into adulthood where they remain sort of friends.  One of the girls ends up dead and the mystery is exactly how she died and of course, who did it – if anyone.

The story is interesting but it certainly was not an unputdownable read.  It was mystery enough though certainly not a thriller.  You think you know what’s happening and then the author does a good job of really making you second guess yourself.  A bit of a twist in the end but I have to say I was disappointed in the end completely.  It was sort of a fast forward a few years and this is what really went down.  The whole story was tied up nice and neat in a chapter and I just never like that sort of ending.  I like a little mess left over.

My biggest issue with this novel was the characters – pick your stereotypical trope  because this one has them all.  Rich, beautiful girl with daddy issues even though he swoops in and saves her repeatedly.  Girl from the wrong side of town tries to make good.  Wealthy jock college boy who parties too hard and has life in the palm of his had.  Honestly, the lack of character development and the blatant cliche’s made this novel tough to really get into.

In the end – it wasn’t a terrible read by any means but I don’t think you’ll see it on any lists for best books of the year.

On another note – I started Our Little Racket on Sunday and it’s been really good!  It’s a chunker of a book at around 500 pages but so far its kept me completely engaged.  The characters are all pretty great and the story is something different.  It’s a family drama for the most part.  The writing is good and it’s moving quickly which is a plus for such a big novel.  I’m not halfway through yet but I’m pretty positive it’s deserving of it’s 4.37 star rating on Goodreads.




Hope you have a great week!




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