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 Sometimes you run across something on the internet and that little voice says “Nope..don’t click on that!  You really don’t want to read that.”   Our  little bubbles of ignorance are so shiny and pink. But you click the photo or the news headline and pop the bubble. You can’t un-pop the bubble and now you have to decide what to do about this information that really – you didn’t want in the first place.  Do you sit back and wait until, eventually, you can pretend you didn’t read or see what you did – or do you make some changes.

The last few days have been a bit off for me.  I ran across an article about the meat industry.  I know eye-rolls all around.  We all want to just sweep that nasty business under the rug.  I was raised to eat meat pretty much every day like most American kids.  But honestly I’ve been getting a bit more squeamish about it and getting picky about what I eat for awhile.  So I’m making some choices about what I really want to put into my body and what kind of industry I really want to support.

It’s tough!  Even the thought of eating less meat (much less NONE) kind of makes me feel anxious.  I’ve been trying to find recipes and honestly most of the vegetarian things I find just look gross.  I’m a really picky eater and any weird things like Farro or Quinoa, or kale are just out.  I just can’t do it.  So what do you do when you really want to eat way less meat but you hate vegetables.  I have a fear of starving to death.

So I’m kind of starting slow on this.  I’m starting out by ditching a lot of the red meat and choosing things like poultry and fish.  Maybe I’ll make it to the stage of cutting the poultry.  Big changes are hard!  I ran across the term Flexatarian and I think that’s the right choice for me.  Basically it’s a way to be a vegetarian who cheats!  Most Flexatarians eat meat a few meals a week depending on how close to a complete vegetarian diet they are trying to follow.  I think that’s do-able.  It gives you some room to be, well, flexible.


Several years ago the hubs went vegetarian for about a year.  Back then it wasn’t so easy to find anything he could enjoy while going out to dinner.  It was also hard when we’d do family things.  I think making allowances for poultry and / or seafood also helps immensely when you’re not in control of your meal.

This has turned into a longer post than expected.  It’s basically just a life update.  Documenting the start of a new journey no matter how long it may or may not last.  If you’re a full out vegan or just trying to eat less meat I’d love for you to share your thoughts on this.  What persuaded you to make changes and how did you do?

Happy Wednesday!


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3 thoughts on “Some Big Changes….Or Maybe Not.

  • Yvo

    I’m not a vegetarian myself (and probably never will), but like you I’ve been trying to eat less meat during the last few years. I confess I do like eating veggies, but my hubby didn’t at first and I’ve learned a few tricks that help. First of all: do you like cheese? Trust me, cheese is the first solution to any veggie problem at our place haha. I also love preparing a lot of risotto, which is actually easy to prepare and you can throw in just about whatever you want. (mushrooms, veggies, cheese etc etc) Another winner are veggie hamburgers (lentil, chickpea, even coliflower ones): they sound all foreign and not delicious at all, but I tried making them once and even my pasta and meat loving hubby was convinced. 😉