Happy July!! Halfway through 2017

What’s Going On…

Happy July ya’ll!!!  Summer is definitely in full swing these days and the holiday weekend is here.  Hope you are all enjoying beaches, barbecues or poolside afternoons.


Last week we took a trip to visit the hub’s family in Pennsylvania.  We don’t get up there often -it’s a long trip for us but his dad ended up in hospital so we decided we needed to go visit.  Fortunately, he seems to be doing well and we’re hoping he’ll be back at home soon.

On our way back home we decided to make a stop at King of Prussia mall.  If you’ve never been up that way – or even heard of this – let me just say it’s enormous!!  It’s the second largest mall in the U.S. and there are more than 500 stores / restaurants.  We walked around for a few hours and didn’t see half of what’s there.  However, I made sure to visit the most important spot – Tiffany’s.  God I love Tiffany’s.  It get butterflies in my stomach walking through the doors. I did pick out a lovely pair of earrings that gave the hubs a near heart attack.  I tried the Go Big or Go Home approach….I went home.

The hubs asked if I could find something cheaper (LOL, silly man)  and I replied that “this” is cheaper and I pointed to the Cartier across the aisle way.  He has no idea.


We had lunch at Shake Shack.  I really wish we had one of those down my way!  I made it nearly a week meat free, but that hamburger totally called to me.  That was last Tuesday and I have stuck to vegetarian things since then.  That’s going pretty well honestly.  I’m trying new things, not all have been great, but it’s a work in progress.

In Book News…

It’s mid year check in!  I’ve read 35 books so far this year.  My Good Reads challenge is set at 50 so I’ve made great progress for the first half of the year.

Number 36 is this one and I’m totally on the fence about finishing it.  We all know I will – I never DNF a book, though I’m seriously wondering why I’m still reading this one.

That’s it for me for today!  I’m hoping to get myself back in gear to post more regularly and get some YouTube things accomplished!  I’ve kind of hit a slump there and need to find some motivation.

Have a super Fourth!!



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