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What’s Going On…

Hello my bookish peeps!  I know, I know – long time no see.  My break from most things bookish ended up stretching out way longer than I expected!  Sometimes you just lose the motivation to do things and they become more of a chore than a pleasure.  I got into a major reading funk and it kind of bled into blogging as well.

I have to admit that I read very, very little in the month of July and I have, thus far, completed nothing in August.  The books I was reading were just kind of sucking the life out of me.  Somehow I ended up on a streak of books that I really didn’t like and any reader knows that that will really bring you down.

I’m declaring the slump and the break over!  I think I have this lovely to thank for bringing back my reading mojo.  I really love Karin Slaughter and I was so excited to get this one in the mail the other day.  I had this on pre-order and was awaiting publication day, which was August 8.  I’m about 100 pages in and it is not disappointing!  LOVING IT!!!

A book friend and I are planning to attend the National Book Festival on Sept 2 in Washington D.C. and I’m super excited that Karin will be there.  She is the must -see author on our list of things to do.

Is anyone else going to be at the National Book Festival?  I’d love to hear who you want to meet up with!


As for what’s been going on in life, nothing too terribly interesting but that can be both a good and a bad thing.  I started going back to Zumba classes!  I did them for about a year waaay back in 2012 and I really loved it.  This time I have gotten my mom to go with me.  It’s fun to have someone to do things like that with.  For now, we decided to start with Zumba Toning classes and then work up to the regular class.  It’s hard getting into the groove again and she’s completely new to Zumba so we agreed we needed to start slow.

Tomorrow I have the fun task of going to have an ultrasound done.  There is a possibility I am having gallbladder issues – yuck!  The worst part is that I have a late afternoon appointment and I can’t eat all day!

The Sassy Cat crew has been up to their usual.  Here is some recent cuteness to make up for our absence.  Grace celebrated her 10th birthday last week!

Glad to be back!  Enjoy your week!!


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