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After attending the National Book Festival I promptly came home and read the Megan Abbot book that I bought and got signed.  I finished You Will Know Me pretty quickly and loved it.  It’s the first of her books I’ve read but I really like her style of writing and will look forward to more from her.  I always say I’ll go back and read an authors previous work but the TBR pile grows so fast that I never do!  Maybe I should start reading more of what I want even if it’s an older title rather than reading what shows up on my doorstep.  Things to ponder.

The hubs is home this week and next week so yeah for that.  He’s recently been in Michigan which he says isn’t so bad but I’m betting in another month or two that won’t be the case.  We’re beach people and not used to 3 feet snow!

We spent the past weekend hanging out together.  T.V. watching, eating out and stopping by a local micro brewery that we both really like.  We’ve been watching The Deuce on HBO. LOVE!!!  It’s a really great series and Megan Abbott happens to be a writer for it.   If you’re interested, it comes on on Sunday nights and has all the warning labels for t.v.  but it’s great!

The weather here is ever so slightly starting to turn to fall.  I’m not ready for cold yet but I am REALLY ready to be done with the hot.  It’s time to start reading books with cups of tea rather than fruit smoothies.  The annual fall beer and barbecue festival is this weekend so we’re watching the weather for that one.  It’s always a fun day.  Other than that – no real upcoming plans but that’s okay by me.


The reading slump has sort of passed and that’s good news.  The reviewing slump remains.  For whatever reason I just cannot find the motivation to review anything I’m reading.  Keep in mind a lot of it lately was kind of, well, less than enjoyable.   But I have read some good ones that I really need to get on the ball and get some good write ups going.  Maybe the cooler weather will inspire me.  Let’s hope.

Enjoy your week!



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