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What’s Going On…

Last Monday told you I was excited for the hubby’s upcoming vacation and some stuff that was going on over the weekend.  Sad to say we did not end up going to the beer and barbecue festival in Norfolk.  However, I am not bummed out AT ALL over not being able to go.  Why?  Because we decided to hop in the car and spend the weekend in Baltimore!

This was the final home game stretch for the 2017 Orioles season – and Fan Appreciation Weekend.  It’s a long drive for us to get to Baltimore. It’s about 6 hours due to all the insane D.C. area traffic we have to get through.  We were able to snag a game in early September because we were already up that way for the National Book Festival.  This trip, however, was all baseball!!  We caught Saturday night’s game as well as Sunday’s afternoon game and it was a blast.  Saturday’s weather was beautiful but Sunday was hot enough to make the devil sigh.

My hair is blonder – my skin is pinker – and my wallet is lighter.  It’s all good though.  We had AMAZING seats for both games! We snagged sweatshirts and tee shirts in giveaways! It was a great way to say goodbye to summer.


In Book News…

The Locals

I’m currently reading The Locals by Jonathan Dee.  I haven’t gotten very far into it mainly because I’ve been away.  It’s also kind of slow.  I have hopes that it’s going to be a good one but it’s been a bit hard to get into it.  We’ll see.




Closer Thank You Know

I’m also SUPER excited about some book mail that’s coming my way from my newspaper editor friend.  I’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Brad Parks book since early spring when I went to his signing for Say Nothing.  This next one, also a stand alone novel, is set to release in March 2018.  It’s set to hit my mailbox today or tomorrow.





That’s all for me for right now!  I’m spending today recovering from the weekend.  I’m also keeping a close eye on hurricane Maria right now.  We are set to have tropical storm conditions on Tuesday/Wednesday – so let’s hope that’s all it is!!


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