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What’s Going On…

 A few years back I managed to lose quite a bit of weight.  Apparently I have a homing beacon because every single one of those shed pounds managed to find their way home.  Arguably I’m not a “heavy” person.  Many people look at me and think I’m nuts for thinking I need to lose weight.  But I do.  Being 5’1 (almost) is rough and since I have yet to find a way to be a few inches taller – I’m going to have to find a way to be a few pounds lighter.

Last November I joined the YMCA just up the road from me.  I was really wanting to start getting my diet and exercise under control.  By that I mean actually doing something considered exercise and well…eating something that remotely resembled good food.  Sadly, laziness and budget got the best of me and after a few months I quit going.   I loved walking on the treadmill as it gave me time to read however, I got bored with it after awhile.  I tried a few of the classes and I just never really loved them.

As I’m coming up on a year in which I’d hoped to lose some weight but had no success I’ve got to step things up.  I’m going back to Zumba class with the instructor I loved five years ago.  This week I’m going to start doing two classes a week.  I’d love to work up to three.  I also dug my old Fitbit out of the drawer.  I was never that good about hitting 10 thousand steps daily but it’s a physical reminder that I’m trying to do better.

There is no magical class or wearable that will zap the pounds.  If I learned one thing from losing weight and then gaining it back it’s that it’s totally a mind set.  If you want to do better – you can.  I think this past year has been about finding the mind set.  Though I’ve had no success that you can see on the scale and it’s been disappointing, I hope I’ve had success in other ways.  Time will tell.

In Book News…

This week I finished my 2017 Good Reads Challenge of reading 50 books!  Last year it was a struggle and I barely finished.  This year I tackled things early and more consistently and next year my goal will be a bit higher.  I’ve been requesting some books lately and I’m crazy to do so!  I’ve got about 30 still in my TBR pile for this year and I’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no way to get to them all.  Since I’ve met my goal I’m going to start picking some of the best looking ones and finish the year with those.  


I’ve also been reading several books that don’t publish until next year!  It’s exciting to get to read things so far in advance.  Yesterday I had to order a 2018 planner to keep track of them.  I started this year out with a books and blog calendar and it really helped me out.  Being more organized was my goal for this year and I think I’ve done fairly well.  Next year my goal is to stay on top of reviews a bit better.

I’ve been reading a lot of historical fiction lately.  For some reason fall feels like a good time for that genre.  I’ll be back to mysteries and thrillers soon though.  I can never go long with out a good page turning, pulse pounding read.

What are your go-to reads for the fall season?  I’d love to know if you read certain things at certain times of the year.

Happy (Fall) Reading!

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One thought on “Time To Step It Up…

  • Patty

    I am sure that you will meet your goals…I know vegetable dishes are hard for you…you cheese cake loving girl but you just need to add more of them into your food plan. We roast almost every vegetable and it makes eating more so much easier…roasted cauliflower, roasted broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes…sometimes that is dinner!

    Congratulations on your Goodreads Goal! You are more organized than you think!

    I tend to turn to fantasy this time of year!