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Happy Friday 13th!  Do you feel like today is any more likely to bring bad luck to you?  Do you avoid cracks in the sidewalk or shy away from black cats?  Personally, I’ve never found a Friday 13th any reason to worry.  For the record – I love black cats and my favorite baseball player is #13! Though admittedly, having a Friday 13th in October adds an extra dash of spooky to the day.

Fun facts – did you know that black cats are really hard for shelters to adopt out?  Black cats are less than HALF as likely to find a home.  Many people really are superstitious about black cats.  Keep that in mind if you’re looking to adopt a kitty and give that ebony feline a shot.  If you are keen on adopting a black beauty keep in mind that some shelters will hold adoptions on black and tuxedo cats around Halloween!  Because of their spooky associations, apparently the crazies come out of the woodwork and adopts black cats and wish to do them harm around this time of year.  Crazy right?

Today the hubs and I went and had lunch with my mom.  She was generous enough to let me borrow her J.C. Penney’s credit card so I could take advantage of some coupons.  I had to return it to her so it was a good chance to meet up and go out for a bit. I had a huge haul and ended up with a ton of stuff!  I needed (read: wanted) some new clothes for Zumba class.  I lucked out and ended up with five pairs of athletic pants, three athletic tops and three new everyday wear top. A huge score for less than $100!  We also tackled a Sam’s Club shopping trip and I loaded up on fresh fruit!


Along with today’s Friday 13th theme – lots of people load up on creepy books this time of year.  I read a ton of mystery, thrillers so I kind of read creepy all year long!  I don’t do horror anything so I can’t say I tend to read anything different this time of year.  Do you love creepy books?  Do you read more of them around Halloween or do you read them all year long?

Plans for this weekend are supposed to include hanging out at a local brewery.  Smartmouth beer, which is awesome, is brewed right here in Norfolk, Va and they are turning five this weekend.  I’m hoping the rain holds off and we are able to go to their event.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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2 thoughts on “A Day of Bad Luck?…

  • Patty

    Hurray for a really great shopping trip! I almost never find great sales like the one you found. I think that mystery/thrillers are the scariest books I read…although I think some fantasies can be pretty scary! Have fun at that brewfest!