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Today I’ve got a bit of a discussion post.  I’d like to chat with you guys about scheduling and organizing.  These types of things are my nemesis.  I’ve always been a thrive in the chaos kind of girl but lately I’m finding my unsystematic self to be a little overwhelmed.

Procrastination is my middle name and I’ve always worked well under pressure, but I think sometimes I allow myself to let tasks fall by the wayside.  I remember my mom always telling me it’s easier to keep your room clean than to have a huge mess to deal with later.  Sorry mom but I never really took that to heart.  Maybe I should have or maybe some people really do have a knack for pulling stuff out of thin air at the last minute.

Believe it or not in my work life I was always very organized.  Working in a photography studio and as a photographer it wasn’t an option not to be super on top of things and coordinated.  It also was a deadline oriented, fast paced and pressurized work environment.

Sound familiar my book blogger friends?  I know many of you are like me – a wing it and see what happens kind of mentality.  Some of you are super on top of things!  You have scheduled posts for your blog, books are read and reviewed months before a publish date, and daily/weekly schedules keep you on task.

So let’s discuss this!  Are you an over scheduled, super systemized reviewer and blogger or are you more like me?  What works for you?  What tools do you use to organize?  Do you wish you stuck to a plan more or do you wish you had a more relaxed work ethic?

More and more I feel like I need some structure.  I don’t think a daily schedule with blocks of time allotted for certain tasks is something I could ever adhere to, but I need a happy medium between strict time table and a free for all.  For me though, schedules and calendars scream WORK! and I really don’t want to turn something I enjoy doing – reading, reviewing and blogging – into a job.

Keepers of schedules – impart your wisdom!



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11 thoughts on “A Discussion on Organization…

  • Patty

    No wisdom here. I was thinking about taking your idea about getting a calendar just for Reviews instead of just reading what I want to when I want to…I am still deciding!

    • LisaD Post author

      I LOVE my calendar! It’s the only bit of organization I have LOL. It’s so easy to keep up with too which is why it works for me. Whenever I get a book on Net Galley or in the mail or the newspaper I put the title in on it’s pub date. I also like to denote where the book came from. Then I just check it off when I’ve read, when I’ve reviewed and then a note about where I posted the review too! It’s made a huge difference!

  • Rasya

    I7m super organized in real life but ,y organization skills are 404 not found when it comes to blogging lol. I’m trying to be more organized with my blog by using Editorial Calendar plugin and making a schedule on what to write instead of writing posts according to my mood.

  • Jen Lucas

    Great post. I’m a hybrid. Super scheduled when it comes to reading, sometimes well ahead when it comes to posts, often found procrastinating when it comes to reviews. I will sit on a book review for weeks before writing it and then bang out eight in one sitting, even though I have a lovely spreadsheet telling me when to post them. I guess there is no one best way, it’s what suits you. Me? Work best under pressure, either that or I have to do things straight away or I forget.

    • LisaD

      I also find that I’m on top of the reading but I tend to procrastinate on writing reviews. I’m not someone who can close a book and sit right down to write up a review. I need to get my thoughts together and that turns into being several books ahead on reading vs reviewing.